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Travelling Nativity

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Can you give as home to our Travelling Nativity for a night (or more!) during Advent? From Advent Sunday, the Nativity will commence its journey around Menston and beyond in its search for a place to stay. The Nativity moves from place to place and will be brought to you by the previous host, and in turn you will enable the Nativity to find its way to the next host. If you'd like to give the Nativity a home, please email with the following details:

Name, contact number, home address and the dates on which you're available for the hand over of the Nativity (to you from the previous host, and from you to the next host). If you don't have access to email, please call the office on 01943 872433, leave your name and contact number, and somebody will get back to you. By giving us this information you are consenting to your name, address and contact number being shared with others on the rota, enabling you to arrange the handing over of the Nativity between the family before you and the family after you.

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