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We recognise that there are many life-changing events that happen to us all; some planned, some unexpected. Maybe you have moved house or been influenced by a new development in your life. You might be coping with the birth of a new baby, living with a teenager, be thinking about getting married, or coping with illness, bereavement or loss. Whatever your situation we would be happy to listen and to support and help you in any way we can. You do not have to be a member of St John's to ask for help. 

We can also offer assistance with transport to church services and bringing Communion to the housebound. Contact the Parish Office in the first instance.

  • Pastoral Support: Two members of the congregation have been appointed as Pastoral Support Coordinators for St John's and a team of pastoral visitors is in place.  

    If you know anyone who is ill, in hospital, depressed or in any kind of trouble and would like someone to visit them please contact the Parish Office and request details to be forwarded to the co-ordinators.  They would also like to know if there is anyone new to St John’s so that they can visit and make them feel welcome. 


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