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Does the Hall have adequate Public Liability Insurance? 
Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance covering Parish Room users but hirers are nevertheless expected to check that any person or company that they hire to entertain or cater also have their own insurance.


What do we do with our rubbish? 
We expect hirers to take glass bottles away from the Parish Room but now, mindful of the need to recycle waste, we would also ask you to take away as much paper and plastic as you can. We require you to take any other bags of rubbish away.


Are there enough chairs and tables? 
Yes, but we advise that no more than 60 can be seated comfortably.


Do you have crockery and cutlery?
Yes, this is more than adequate and there is no charge for using it or the dishwasher.


Can we set up the room early?
Yes, but the time taken for setting up and clearing away must be included in the overall hiring time.


Can we decorate the Parish Room? 
Decorations can be attached to the curtains and pelmets but not the walls.


Do you require a security deposit? 
Yes. Otherwise we rely on our hirers to replace or mend any damage that occurs in their hiring time.


Do you allow Discos?
No as they cause disturbance to neighbouring houses.

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