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All persons under the age of 16 using the Parish Room facility must be supervised at all times. In the interest of safety, children should not enter the kitchen.

The kitchen is equipped with crockery, cutlery, glassware and modern cooking facilities, including a refrigerator and a dishwasher. The hirer may use the equipment but must leave it in a clean and tidy condition. No food may be left in the fridge.

Heating - The room will be set at an adequate level for your booking. If this is not satisfactory, please discuss with the Parish Administrator.

Rubbish - We expect hirers to take glass bottles away from the Parish Room but now, mindful of the need to recycle waste, we would also ask you to take away as much paper and plastic as you can. We require you to take any other bags of rubbish away.

Baby Changing - facilities are available in the ladies’ toilet. Please take soiled nappies home with you.

First-Aid - a first aid box is available in the kitchen adjacent to the boiler. Please follow the Health & Safety guidelines for reporting an accident.

Smoking is not permitted in the Parish Room. Smoke alarms are fitted in the kitchen. Both toilets have alarms that are activated by cigarette smoke.

A notice board is available for use by regular hirers, if required. Please discuss with the Parish Administrator. Please do not ‘blue-tak’, pin or cellotape notices/decorations etc to the walls.

Black soled trainers are not permitted as they mark the floor. An additional charge may be made for professional cleaning services if the floor is marked.

Before leaving, please

  • check that the glass cooker cover is closed. This ensures that the gas supply is cut off should one of the rings have inadvertently been left on.

  • make sure all lights are turned off, including those in the toilets, and that windows are closed.

  • replace the chairs on the trolleys provided.

  • remove all rubbish - If the rubbish bin becomes full, please remove to the dustbins at the top of the back churchyard steps (there is no refuse collection from the Parish Room). Bin liners are kept under the sink.

  • leave the facilities in the condition in which you would wish to find them.

To enable us to maintain the high standard of the Parish Room, please report any problems with the heating, kitchen equipment or lighting. Damages and/or breakages should also be reported to the Parish Administrator on 01943 872433.

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