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I’m just visiting – can I still take communion?

In accordance with the Church of England we offer communion to all those who are baptised and confirmed.  In practice, this means that if a visitor normally receives communion at their home church, they are welcome to receive communion at St John’s.  If anyone has not yet been baptised and confirmed, we would love to help with this.  Please talk to the vicar or another member of the clergy. 

During the service, if you would prefer to receive a blessing, it is a great privilege to pray God’s blessing for you.  Please come to the altar rail with everyone else during the communion time bringing your service book with you, and one of the clergy will be pleased to pray for you.

What do I wear?

Whatever you want!

Can I sit anywhere?

Absolutely! Just find a spot where you feel comfortable and enjoy.

Is there parking?

Unfortunately St John's doesn't have a car park, but we are surrounded by roads with plenty of free parking. Please be aware that there are restrictions on the parking spaces directly opposite the church gates. If you want to know more about accessibility to church, click here.

What kind of music is there?

Our 11am Holy Communion service includes singing both traditional and contemporary hymns! 

Will my children be welcome?

St John's is a family friendly church, welcoming people of all ages! 

Is there coffee afterwards?

Tea, coffee and soft drinks are available in the Parish Room between 10 and 11am in the Parish Room, after the Zest service and before the Holy Communion service! It is a great way to get to know members of the church in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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