We are pleased to announce that we will be resuming public worship within the church building with a short, simple service of the word at 4pm weekly from Sunday 26th July.

This is a first step back towards normality, and the church leadership will keep reviewing the situation and making changes as appropriate over the summer months.

Please be aware of the following guidance from the Church of England: 

We strongly advise that face coverings should be worn by all those attending a place of worship, including ministers, worshipers, staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors, where there may be other people present; remembering that they are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer, from coronavirus COVID-19 and that they are not a replacement for physical distancing and regular hand washing. 

We do however understand and respect that exceptions apply.

This service will be limited to 30 people within the church building, maintaining physical distancing measures, and any overflow will be directed to the parish room where the speaker system will be used to enable people there to take part in the service.

The church building will be open for private prayer from 10am on Sunday as normal, but will close for the rest of the day after the 4pm service. Normal hygiene measures (sanitiser on entry and exit, etc.) will be in place, and a register will be kept of those who attend for the purposes of government contact tracing.

If you need any more information, please contact the vicar.

During this time we will produce an alternative, online version of the weekly Parish Notes.



For more the latest information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit 
www.nhs.ukcoronavirus-covid-19/ and

For the latest information from the Church of England, please visit

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