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“A new command I give you: Love
one another. As I have loved you,
so you must love one another.”

John 13:34

At St John's, we endeavour to reach out beyond the parish boundaries to remind us that we are part of the world-wide Church. As a church, we aspire to give 5% of our unrestricted income each year to Mission.


Charities, supported on an annual basis, fall into three categories: International; National; and Local. The charities (3 in each category) are researched and put forward by the Outreach Group. A simple congregational voting system selects the ‘winner’ in each category.

St John’s also responds to Emergency Appeals eg by the DEC.

In 2022 we shall be supporting:


International:  USPG

United Society Partners in the Gospel (USPG) was founded in 1701, It has long established relationships with churches of the Anglican Communion. USPG enables the Gospel to be lived out, on OUR behalf, in the wider world, beyond our direct reach. They believe that today’s major challenges, exacerbated by the global pandemic, cry out for words and actions that express a love and solidarity that goes beyond narrow self-interest and national boundaries.


In the face of environmental degradation, turbulent global politics, gender injustice, the forced displacement of millions of people and the harassment and killing of indigenous peoples - they believe the churches of the Anglican Communion are called urgently in mission to be communities of resistance and hope, witnesses to the healing power of Christ’s love. For further information check their website.


St John’s has proudly supported USPG for over a 100 years.




Church Action on Poverty is a national ecumenical Christian social justice charity, committed to tackling poverty in the UK. they work in partnership with churches, and with people in poverty themselves, to tackle the root causes of poverty.


For instance: Tackling unjust Government policies… amplifying the voices of people who have been marginalised… challenging harmful business practices… holding the Church to account. Everything they do aims to make UK society more just and compassionate, not just now but for the long term. Food banks and hands out are not enough.


They set up Food Pantries - member run food clubs, rather than food banks. ‘This is much more dignified – you can choose to become a member, choose to volunteer. It’s your project and the local ownership of it is really important.’


They support self-reliant groups where people meet, share ideas and save together which have the potential to become a business. Currently they are campaigning to ‘End Hunger Now’ alongside the Trussell Trust and other charities. For further information check their website.


BEACON stands for Bradford Ecumenical Asylum Concern and was set up by Bradford churches out of a shared concern for the practical and spiritual needs of asylum seekers and refugees who now live in the Bradford area. They have 4 projects:


  • CHAT provides care and hospitality at Phoenix house, Thornbury – a chance for asylum seekers and refugees to socialise, have refreshments and be involved in English conversation.

  • McKenzie Friends are members of the public, without legal training, who volunteer to assist appellants when they have no legal representative and at a time that is often bewildering and full of anxiety. They are independent of the court system and the Home Office.


  • Beacon Hosting Project Volunteers are trained and supported to become hosts who provide a home to destitute, refused asylum seekers. They are provided with a secure, supportive environment in which they have the opportunity to gather fresh evidence in order to submit an asylum claim.


  • Hosting offers short, medium and sometimes longer-term accommodation, within the homes of volunteer hosts, to asylum seekers who are destitute or who have critical housing needs.


Funds are needed for refreshments, legal support, IT equipment, bus passes, mobile phones etc. For further information check their website.


The Outreach Team