Prayer is key to all that we do as Christians and as a church. St John's is usually open between 10am and 4.30pm for private prayer. A short leaflet entitled 'Let us Pray' is available from the table at the back of the church. It contains a selection of prayers which we hope may be of some comfort.

We also include monthly prayer points in our Parish Magazine, these can be found here. 

The Church of England also takes place in daily prayer, both on an individual and communal level. If you would like to take part in daily prayer yourself, please follow the links below.


In addition to prayers within our church services and as part of The Church of England, St John's has a healing prayer group. 

  • The Healing Prayer Group is part of the Ministry of Christian Healing praying for the sick in the community and for fractured relationships or conflict. It is a quiet group where the suffering are held before God for the power of Christ to transform the situation, not necessarily for cure but with the assurance of grace. The group meets twice a month at 2pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. Requests for prayer can be left on the Prayer Board just behind the inner church door and are treated with the utmost confidence.


Leading Your Church into Growth has produced the following simple prayer for growth for use in Anglican parishes.
We often use this as our collect (prayer) at St Johns. 

Prayer for growth.png