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Eco Church Update

Many thanks to those who have given large pots for planting, a water butt and the promise of an apple tree - we are just working out where to plant that. We are most grateful for your support. We will get going with the planting and the bug and bee hotel making in the spring with the young people from the Core and the Den.

Do please consider making a pledge to take climate action be that prayer, creating less waste or using less plastic or anything else that works for you! The pledge cards are still available at the back of church or you can pledge online on the website here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

We will be putting out the Christmas Post box shortly. This is for the church community to write one card for all their friends at church rather than lots of individual cards. The cards will be displayed by the Baptistry. Do please support this initiative.

All the above will help us to work towards a silver eco church award but the other “elephant in the room” is getting to net zero. The Church of England has pledged to reach net zero by 2030 for energy use in churches, parish rooms, vicarages and for clergy travel. In 2021, St Johns’ scored F on its energy rating where A is best and G is the worst. It should improve now that the roof has been insulated but we have some way to go.

For more info on Eco church see Sally, Matthew, Catherine, Jeanne-Claire or Marilyn or make contact via the Parish office or website. Do join us if you would like to get involved. Next meeting is on 11 January.


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