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The Eco church group

It now is and seems a long time ago, but many thanks to everyone who posted communal cards in the Christmas Post box and thank you to whoever displayed the cards on the baptistry screen! It is a great way to save some of the world’s precious resources and share in the life of the church community!

The Eco church group are now working on the planning stages for bee and bug hotels for the churchyard to be made with the young people at The Core. I am sure help will be needed so if you have skills for such a project, please get in touch!

The large pots for planting will soon be prepared for seed sowing and work is ongoing to see if we can use the Parish Room roof water to supply a water butt - not quite so simple as we first thought. We will be planting the donated apple tree shortly - to the left of the path as you approach the church- now that the faculty has been granted.

Please continue to support the bake sale that takes place on the 1st Sunday of each month together with the craft stall. Baking is undertaken in line with the LOAF principles: Local, organic, animal friendly and Fairtrade. Something for all bakers/cooks to aim for ?

We are planning to organise an Eco quiz for families shortly and an Easter Saturday trail in the churchyard, so do look out for those. There might also be a chance to visit a recycling centre, so if you are interested, please get in touch.

It is still possible to make a climate pledge - cards at the back of church and online here (scroll to the bottom of the page). If each of us pledges one action, we can bring about big changes!

Many thanks for your support of these various initiatives.

For more info on Eco church see Sally, Matthew, Catherine, Jeanne-Claire or Marilyn or make contact via the Parish office or website. Do join us if you would like to get involved. Next meeting is on 7th February in the evening.


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