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The Big Jubilee Lunch

One of the Eco church goals is for churches to be out in their communities encouraging care for our world. One way to do this is to get to know your neighbours and find out what they think. The Big Lunch was started about 9 years ago as a way to do this and the Queen is encouraging these get togethers as part of her Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. Here is a bit more information:

Sunday 5th June 2022 is the day on which the Queen is encouraging us to hold street parties to get to know our neighbours. If you are a bit daunted - don’t be!

The Eden Project can post out or you can ask them to send you a downloadable pack - go to

Here is a brief outline of what do do!

  • If you like the idea of doing this but need someone to help - ask a neighbour or two if they are interested - then you have a team!

  • Pick a date and time - if you can’t do 5th June, pick a day you can. But it could be anytime of the day!

  • Choose a location - do you live in a cul de sac or quiet street - could you agree to hold it there? Front garden, driveway?

  • Spread the word! (There are lots of resources in the pack.)

  • Can people offer tables, chairs, bunting, ideas for children’s games?

  • Suggest that people bring their own plates, cups, cutlery - it is World Environment day, so try to cut down on waste and recycle if you can.

  • Suggest that people bring food they would like to share and that is easy to eat with fingers! Bring enough for you and some to share - that includes drink too!

  • Keep it informal - this is a chance to get to know people in your community.

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