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Matthew 22:
1 - 14

15 October 2023

This morning we are still working through Jesus’s stories told in response to the rejection of his authority by the key religious and political leaders.  A couple of weeks ago, it was an explicit questioning of his authority that brought the issue to the surface, and last week, Jesus told a story of bad tenants in a vineyard as judgement upon these religious leaders.  This week is similarly judgemental, but there’s also a distinct twist in the tail...

Matthew 21:
23 - 32

1 October 2023

By what authority are you doing these things, and who gave you this authority?

This question, asked of Jesus 2,000 years ago is especially relevant today. What makes authority acceptable? What is an appropriate source of authority and who can claim it? These are all issues which get very confused in our media and even in the conversations we have with people each day...

Matthew 20:
1 - 16

24 September 2023

Since it is Harvest, it is really apt that we are looking at a parable about a grape harvest as a word picture for the Kingdom of Heaven – what it looks like when God comes to rule.  It follows on from Jesus teaching about rewards for people who sacrificially give up things to follow him.  There will be rewards, Jesus says, but in the verse before our story starts, the reward might not be exactly how we would naturally imagine it.  This parable illustrates this...

Matthew 14:
13 - 21

6 August 2023

I love the feeding of the 5000.

It’s a great mix of rich theology and imagery and the care that God, in Jesus, has for his people.  In the past, some theologians have sought to spoil the story by suggesting that it’s simply a case of people sharing their packed lunches, but this idea doesn’t do justice to the story as it is presented for us.

Matthew 13:
31 - 33, 44 - 52

30 July 2023

In a world where the church looks increasingly irrelevant, where more of those within the church are unclear about what is so great about Christianity anyway, and where we still wait for God to come and right so many wrongs throughout the whole of history, the reading this morning seems completely fitting. All of these parables this morning give us a snapshot of what ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ looks like, meaning, what it looks like as God comes to live with his people. God’s Kingdom on earth is real. Its influence has begun, but these stories tell us what it tastes and smells like...

Matthew 13:
1 - 23

2 July 2023

In the first half of today’s well-known Gospel reading we are members of the big crowd gathered on the shore hearing Jesus talk of a farmer sowing his seed, the second half is Jesus’s explanation of the story to his closer circle of followers.  Many of us will have heard the parable many times, perhaps even sitting through lots of sermons on it! – so today, I want you, if you hear nothing else, to reflect for yourself honestly about the kind of soil you are when you hear God’s word, and what you plan to do about it. There’s also an encouragement to keep sowing the seed of God’s Kingdom, even when it feels like it isn’t getting anywhere...

Matthew 10:
40 - 42

2 July 2023

Historically, being an emissary was a double-edged sword. To an extent the emissary was in a privileged position, carrying the words of their Lord, and enjoying a level of status and diplomatic immunity. But one the other hand, an emissary risked the wrath of an enemy for faithfully delivering a message which could be received badly...

9:35 - 10:8

18 June 2023

On a day when we’ve been reminded about the great work that the Samaritans do, it is great to have a Gospel reading which reminds us of God’s care for all of the people he has made.  In this reading Jesus goes around proclaiming the ‘Good News’ and healing people, and then sends his followers, the 12 disciples, to do the same.  Jesus has compassion on the people around them who are ‘harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.’..

Matthew 28:
16 - end

4 June 2023

Today’s reading is known as the Great Commission.  It is yet another post-resurrection appearance of Jesus to his followers, but this time it is on top of a mountain in Galilee.  There are echoes in the text that can be easily missed, which remind the reader of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus taught his followers how to live, as well as echoes of Mount Sinai where God told his people how to live...

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