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Sunday sermons from the last few months right here! 

John 11: 32-44

29 March 2020

Today we have the finale of what’s called, ‘The seven signs in John’s gospel.’  These are seven great acts that Jesus did during his life that point to who he is.  Through these we see more about God.  Jesus has changed water into wine, he’s healed a royal official’s son, he’s healed a paralytic, fed 5000 people, walked on water and healed a man who was born blind, and then finally, in this story he raises a man called Lazarus from the dead...

1 Samuel 1:20-2

22 March 2020

It’s Mother’s Day, and so what better time to look at a passage where a mother leaves her toddler at church and goes off home without him! Maybe that’s not exactly what happened, but it does feel a little bit of a strange reading for Mothering Sunday because at first glance it isn’t an amazing example of motherhood, and in fact it can feel a bit alien and concerning to us – the idea of leaving a 3-year-old to be raised by an old priest in a temple environment.  It’s also quite a difficult reading to preach from because it’s a bit of a transitional story – it only makes sense within its wider context, so I’ll have to fill you in first on what’s going on...

Matthew 4: 1-11

1 March 2020

What does it mean to be God’s Son? The famous
verse in John says, ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who
believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life,’ and so clearly it is important, so today, in
our reading we’ll find out more about what this means...

Matthew 6: 5-13

19 January - 23 February 2020

Prayer is hard. Even St Paul, admits it’s hard in one of his letters where he says ‘we do not know how to pray as we ought.’ Prayer can be mysterious, life-giving, and miraculous; but it can also be depressing, isolating, disappointing and frustrating. Most of us, when pressed will admit that prayer is essential to Christian faith, but equally, most of us will admit that knowing that doesn’t translate into spending any significant amount of time regularly actually praying.

Click continue reading to read our six week sermon series on Prayer. A physical version is also available at the back of church. 

Romans 12:1-2

5 January 2020

Today’s reading from Romans contains some of the most challenging words in the Bible.  If we take it seriously, this is life-changing stuff.  But it can also be difficult to comprehend fully what it actually means in practice.  It is a really appropriate reading for the start of a new year, when we re-dedicate yourselves to God’s service for 2020.

Matthew 3:1-12

8 December 2019

As we prepare for Christmas, it’s a good time to think about about what Christian faith really is. Perhaps you’ve come her your whole life and are familiar with the stories and the teachings, you read your Bible, you pray, and you are in a good place with God. If that’s you, then you will also know how far we all have to go in our faith and how it is good to take a step back occasionally to look with fresh eyes and be reminded about the amazing gift of Jesus...

17 November 2019

When times are tough, it can be really hard to pray. When we feel like the world isn’t as it should be, it can be hard not to lose heart in a God who has the power to fix it but doesn’t seem to. When we struggle as Christians, it can be hard to pray to the God who is supposed to love us...

3 November 2019

It’s All Saints Day, the day when we think about and celebrate those Saints who came before us, our
own lives as Saints in God’s Kingdom, and those Saints who will come after us. And today, in our
gospel reading, we have a picture of what life is like in God’s Kingdom and also the reflective mirror
opposite of that life too...

20 October 2019

We have finally reached the denouement of the story of Jonah. We’ve had storms, great fish and repentant animals, and then this week we have quick-growing plants and ravenous worms. It’s been a great ride!

Jonah 3

13 October 2019

As we continue our adventures with Jonah, today we go from fish-vomit-covered Jonah lying on a beach to Jonah announcing the destruction of a great city, the city’s complete turn-around, and then God’s change of heart...

Jonah 2

6 October 2019

Jonah has hit rock bottom. He has run away from God and God’s call to him. He has hidden from God’s face. He has brought disaster upon those around him because of his actions. And finally, he has been thrown into a raging sea where he sinks with no trace…

Jonah 1

29 September 2019

Today we start looking at the story of Jonah. It’s a story of how God loves the whole of the world he has created, and wants none of it to perish. It’s a story of a disobedient prophet and his refusal to accept that God could love his enemies. And today, it’s a story of how there’s no getting away from God...