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1.  Searching for a grave
Open Burial Register. Ctrl+F, (Mac Command+F) opens a Search box - top right of screen - enter surname. Make a note of details of highlighted entries eg grave number (Column 7).  

Entries in red indicate a grave with a headstone. 

Note the number eg B52 and go to Headstone Inscriptions.

2.  Graveyard Plan shows the position of graves. As you approach the main church door from the Burley Lane entrance numbers 1-357 can be found on the left of the path as you go up the steps; nos 358-456 to the right of the path; nos 482-490 behind the church. Numbers are not very clear but regrettably neither is the original.

3.  Finding a Headstone

Open Headstone Inscriptions. Either search by using Ctrl+F or scroll to the relevant section and number eg B52. Sections are listed C/A/B/D/E and numerically from 1 - 209.

4. Headstone Positions. A series of pages show the churchyard divided into sections (A-E) to help searches and rough diagrams of the position of the numbered headstones.

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