St John the Divine, Menston Parish Church,
Burley Lane, Ilkley LS29 6EU
Registered Charity Number 11236532

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 We are sorry to announce that all public 

 worship at St John’s Parish Church, 
 Menston, has been cancelled until 
 further notice because of the 
 Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

 The Parish Office also remains closed. 

 Lord Jesus Christ, 
 you taught us to love our neighbour, 
 and to care for those in need 
 as if we were caring for you. 
 In this time of anxiety, give us strength 
 to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick, 
 and to assure the isolated 
 of our love, and your love, 
 for your name’s sake. 

 God of compassion, 
 be close to those who are ill, 
 afraid or in isolation. 
 In their loneliness, be their consolation; 
 in their anxiety, be their hope; 
 in their darkness, be their light; 
 through him who suffered alone on the cross, 
 but reigns with you in glory, 
 Jesus Christ our Lord.