Your baby and the Church of England

The Church of England has launched a new website to help new parents wondering what to do about baptism/christening. is a central resource for parents, godparents and christening guests. 'For a lot of families having a baby is such an overwhelming thing that they want in some way to say thank you and also to have a real sense of blessing for their child.' So says the Revd Dr Sandra Millar, Head of Projects and Developments for the Archbishops’ Council.

She goes on: 'So coming to talk to the Church, to find out the best way to do that and whether having a child baptised at a christening is the right thing for them, is really helpful to parents.'

With roughly 2,200 children a week being baptized, and thousands more children encountering church life through other ways, the Church of England warmly welcomes children into the world-wide family of God.


For further information regarding weddings, baptisms and funerals in the Church of England, please visit  






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