So, perhaps you have stockpiled or panic bought and now you're feeling a little bit uneasy about having so many toilet rolls you could build a fort with them, or so many hand gels you could fill a swimming pool, or even a mountain of nappies but no child!

We have a solution.

Stockpile-Rewind aims to enable those who have stockpiled to come to the aid of those who are running out and struggling to find the things they need. 

This could include nappies, toilet roll, pasta, hand gel, and so on. If you are in genuine need of an item, please email 

Stockpile Rewind Graphic.jpg and let us know.  We will then put this out on the Menston Facebook site, keeping your identity anonymous and inviting those will spares of that item to email us. They will also remain anonymous, but we will try to organise some pick-up and drop-off.

It will be done by email to maintain anonymity and your details will not be shared beyond those administering the system at St John's.

So please help those in the village who are struggling by being involved in Stockpile-Rewind!

The Faith Connection

Why do this?  There's a good biblical precedent of not stockpiling, and of sharing and giving in order to love and care for our neighbours. Here's a little list of bible passages to think about:

  • Exodus 16

  • Matthew 6:11

  • Matthew 22:39

  • Luke 12:13-21