I'm New

Welcome to St John the Divine, Menston with Woodhead! 

Whether you are visiting, new to church or the village, or even just dipping your toe in, we would love to see you at one of our meetings.  We meet together three times on a Sunday and once on a Thursday in several different types of service, so you should be able to find something which suits you.

As a vicar, since arriving in Menston, it has been a privilege to serve such a warm and welcoming church community.  We are a growing church with a diverse demographic across some of our services, and as such we make extra special efforts to be approachable and helpful in our services, but also relaxed about the needs of those among us who perhaps need to be noisy or move around. 

St John’s is a growing church, seeking to follow Jesus as we all travel together in our faith journeys.  We’d be really pleased if you join us for a service or two, or even come and be part of the family!

Steve (Vicar)

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